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Dr Eng. Justyna Lisowska
Kielce University of Technology
Evaluation of the technical condition of the sewage network in terms of groundwater infiltration

Dr. Eng. Justyna Lisowska is an employee of the Department of Sanitary Networks and Installations at the Kielce University of Technology. An expert in the field of testing the technical condition of sewer systems with the use of a television camera. She analyzes the phenomenon of groundwater infiltration inside leaky sewer lines and tests the tightness of pipes. Since 2005, the Secretary of the EXPERT Competition at the No-Dig Poland International Conference, and since 2007 the secretary of the EUREKA Competition at the National Scientific and Training Conference WOD-KAN-INSTAL. A member of the organization team of the world's first Postgraduate Study at the Kielce University of Technology in Kielce "Trenchless technologies in underground infrastructure networks" in the academic year 2006/2007.

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